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We are looking for an HTML/CSS specialist who is passionate about component driven development. The kind of person who has been mucking around with websites since they were teenagers. Someone who understands the fundamentals of CSS and is able to discuss the pros and cons of methodologies such as Object Oriented CSS, ITCSS, BEM, SMACSS (to name a few).

You won't necessarily have a degree, but you will have 3+ years professional experience.

You might be someone who started out as a web designer but prefers to get their kicks from reproducing beautiful UIs, faithfully and thoughtfully.

You might know a bit of JavaScript, but you don't have to, the main focus of this role is writing well structured, accessible HTML and flexible, well-architected CSS.

If you're someone who feels physically sick whenever they see @import "bootstrap", HIT THAT APPLY BUTTON!

Our Front-end developers write SCSS using BEM with an ITCSS based structure. They create and maintain digital pattern libraries. They write modular, re-usable, extensible and beautiful code. This ain't a JavaScript role.

A few more things:


You must have detailed knowledge and experience with:




Who is Catch?

We’re a digital agency that focuses on designing and building the best and most effective user experiences across a range of diverse industries. Our clients are among New Zealand’s most loved brands and we work closely with their marketing and IT teams in long-term partnerships. We’re platform agnostic and prefer to use the best tool for the job; whether that’s in recommending a CMS, building an API or choosing a project management methodology. We design and build great work that wins awards. Every day. We're a team of 20 designers, developers and digital project managers with offices in Wellington and Auckland and clients across the country.

What do you offer?

A few more things:

To apply, we need the following:

  1. A cover letter introducing yourself, telling us why you want to work with us and why you love writing the beautiful code that you do. Please link to your Github account and/or portfolio if you have those online.
  2. An up-to-date CV which outlines your relevant work experience. Focus on your last two roles.
  3. At least two references we can contact. Direct managers or leads from your last two roles. We won't call them until things get serious between us - promise.
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